Sophia May’s Private life

Sophia may along with being an international artist is most proud of being a mother to a beautiful girl called Tia.

Tia was born with a chromosomal deletion which resulted in her having health problems and some learning difficulties. However Sophia has worked hard to give Tia a normal happy life and surrounded her with love and support. Tia loves to sing with her mummy, and perhaps one day will be even more successful in music than her mum has been. Watch this space!


Sophia is married to D-Jukes an artist who’s worked with many including G-Unit, Universal Records, Wretch 32, Wiley… to name a few. Her relationship has been like many trying to live a normal life and take care of each other.


Whilst D-Jukes isn’t Tia’s Father he has played that role since she was young and is seen as that figure. Sophia May and D-Jukes have lots of music plans together, coming up this summer… so again… watch this space.


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