Sophia May Charity Work

Sophia has always been passionate about charity work. She has offered herslef for performances at various events including Hoopsaid, community funding, Haiti benefits, and has recently given a song she did written with rapper MoeRoc called ‘I Believe’ to a charity called ‘Believe and Achieve Trust’ for them to use how they chose to. You can check out the site at:

The trust posted this one their site:




11th March 2015


Believe and Achieve recieve surprise email!

We are so blessed to have been contacted by UK Singer/Songwriter Sophia May. Here is the wonderful email we recieved from Sophia…


I watched a program that was talking about your charity. I wanted to introduce myself as I’m a singer/songwriter from the UK who has had a number 1 song in America and written for people such as Gloria Gaynor, G-Unit and MTV. I like to support charity’s but yours touches home to me. I lost a friend to meningitis at 17 years old. I also have a child who is disabled due to being born with a chromosome deletion. I wrote a song a while back with a friend of mine in America. I wanted to share it with you and see if you would like to use the song for promotional purposes. I have been waiting for something that I believed in to offer it to. Have a look and see what you think. The song is called ‘I Believe’

You can see the haiti benefit show here:

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